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Xtra Soft Weigh Net
Product Code E360
Price £18.99

A new xtra soft weigh net from Maver designed specifically for handling carp and other large weights of fish. Manufactured from rot-proof material giving an extended life span, the soft mesh finish also reduces the removal of the protective slime of all species.

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Weigh Nets
Product Code E325
Price £15.99

With big carp weights being common place, Maver have introduced two weigh nets purposely designed to stand the strain of modern commercial match angling.

Both nets are fish friendly with a strong but lightweight alloy frame with a unique folding device closing the purse. Two metal pyramid weigh clips complete the best design of weigh nets currently available. Available in rubber coated and new Nano mesh options. Size: 65cm x 50cm x 48cm deep.

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Quick Release Adaptor
Product Code J585
Price £5.99

The Maver Quick Release Adaptor is the perfect accessory for today's match angler. With this clever little adaptor there is no need to keep unscrewing your keepnet or any other screw thread accessory. Quick and easy to use, simply pull down the collar to release the adaptor.

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