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Dual Core Extreme Hollow Elastic
Dual Core Extreme Hollow Elastic

A new range of Dual Core elastic, manufactured using the twin core hollow system, the inner core is now stronger and more durable, making the elastic more powerful. Hollow elastic not only stretches further, but also retracts faster, which is without doubt a massive benefit to anglers who fish commercials. Available in 7 sizes to cover any pole fishing situation. Endorsed by Jamie Masson and tested to the maximum by our consultants. 3 metres per packet.

J7106 - 9, Dark Blue£9.99
J7118 - 11, Grey£9.99
J71210 - 13, Purple£9.99
J71312 - 15, Blue£9.99
J71414 - 17, Green£9.99
J71516 - 19, Red£9.99
J71620+, Black£9.99
(All prices include VAT. We do not sell directly to the public.)

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